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4 Industries That Could Benefit From a Professional Answering Service Are you searching for an effective way to handle a high volume of phone calls at your business? A professional answering services affords all types of industries the ability to respond quickly and communicate effectively with every customer. Many industries experience a high volume of […]

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Grow Your Practice with a Legal Answering Service

May 2nd, 2017 by Front Office Staff

One of the most important functions of a law practice is to ensure that new clients are received well. Especially if you are a single-lawyer office, have a rapidly growing clientele, or a clientele that speaks multiple languages, it can be challenging to take their phone calls appropriately. A legal answering service may be the […]

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Forming a Corporation in Nevada brings many benefits & advantages

September 10th, 2012 by Front Office Staff

A Nevada Corporation grants direct benefits and advantages to your business. If you’r thinking of forming a Corporation or an LLC, the benefits and advantages of forming it here in Nevada come in many forms.  First come the tax savings benefits, which most other states are more than happy to charge you.  Personal income tax, […]

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