A Nevada Corporation grants direct benefits and advantages to your business.

If you’r thinking of forming a Corporation or an LLC, the benefits and advantages of forming it here in Nevada come in many forms.  First come the tax savings benefits, which most other states are more than happy to charge you.  Personal income tax, Corporate tax, Admissions Tax, Inheritance or Gift tax, Franchise taxes and Unitary taxes are all nonexistent in Nevada.  Those tax savings alone can have significant impact on your bottom line.

A Corporation in Nevada offers excellent asset protection.

It’s extremely difficult to pierce the veil of a Nevada corporation, because almost all liabilities end with the corporation itself. You cannot be held responsible for lawsuits against your corporation except in the case of outright fraud. Nor does Nevada require a corporation to file a list of its assets; the corporation’s assets are not linked to the Director or Officers in any way.

For even greater security, there are no requirements for the names of stockholders to be filed with the state, or be entered into the public record. Stockholders, Directors and Officers can remain completely anonymous.

Incorporating in Nevada has very few requirements or restrictions.

A single individual can hold all the positions in a corporation or Nevada LLC, and be the entire board of directors. Nor are Directors required to be stockholders. Stockholders, directors and officers don’t need to live in Nevada or even be U.S. Citizens either, so relocation isn’t necessary; you can live and hold meetings from anywhere in the world.

A corporation in Nevada can also be formed easily by mail, fax or phone, so you can incorporate here without ever seeing our beautiful state. Even though you owe it to yourself to at least come visit. There are no cash restrictions, either. The board of directors can issue stocks for cash, property or services, then purchase, hold, sell or transfer shares of their own stock, at will.

If you would like a Nevada address for your corporation, we can help.

Front Office Staff Reno, working in cooperation with the Bosma Business Center, can offer you a local Nevada address to receive and forward your mail, a local (775) area code phone number answered in your corporate name, and a host of other professional servics.

By all means contact me today, and lets discuss the benefits and advantages.

Talk to you soon,

Reno Zatica