Reno Answering Service

Owners of Mr. Gutter

Front Office Staff has been a critical part in our ability to offer quality work to customers. Knowing they are in good hands on the phone while we are providing them with great service off the phone puts us at ease. We have tried other companies in the past and none can compare. Thank you Front Office Staff!!!!

Mr. Gutter LLC

(775) 329-4609

Jim Proctor, Owner of Meridian Advantage

“Because too few of us get the recognition that is deserved, I thought I would pass along the consensus of comments I receive regarding your services. One of my longtime friends recently said that of all the receptionists I’ve had over the years, the one that just took their call was the most professional and pleasant that I’ve had in a long time. Today, I left my office for lunch, and the person I had lunch with also said how professional all of you are. When I came back and checked my voicemail one client, along with their message, left yet another compliment for Front Office Staff-Reno saying, whoever answered the telephone was delightful and very thorough. I’m not even soliciting comments and they keep coming in! As I’ve spent entirely too much on flowers lately, these compliments will just have to be my gift to you and all your staff. Keep up the good work!”

Kim Proctor, Owner

Meridian Advantage

Wire Me Electric, Inc

Front Office Staff has been a huge help in saving us time and money by not having to hire a full-time receptionist, and giving us time back to do what we do best. Their staff is so friendly and helpful, and always answers the phone with professionalism and knowledge of our company. They make it easy to update our profile and are very attentive to our needs as they change. FOS has helped us bring in new clientele that would have otherwise just left us a message or chosen another electrician for their project if we couldn’t answer the phone. We are able to efficiently return phone calls with all of the information we need so the client doesn’t have to repeat themselves, allowing us to get the job done quickly while also meeting the needs of our clients!”

OCG Creative

As a business, every missed call is a missed opportunity. In the five years that we’ve worked with Front Office Staff—Reno, we have grown our business substantially because no call goes unanswered. Their knowledgeable staff takes the time to get to know your business so that they can represent you professionally to potential clients. Need to change employee contact info or let them know whom to contact when you are out of the office? Just give them a call and they will make the update the same day. For less than the cost of a full-time employee to answer your phones, Front Office Staff becomes a part of your team.

OCG Creative

Heather A Ijames – Law Office of Heather A Ijames Attorney

If you’re not a receptionist for a living, then you shouldn’t be answering phones for your business. I didn’t realize this until I had wasted time, money, and worry on trying to answer my own phones. I was eager and hopeful to start my own law practice, but because of the particular type of law I practice and being a solo practitioner, I realized it would be a financial mistake to hire someone just to answer the few calls I get a week. That left me answering my own calls and hearing the surprised “Oh…” from potential clients when I did my own answering.

Generally, potential clients seemed confused when I answered my own phone, which I often interpreted as them wondering whether I was a good enough attorney for their matter.  Letting calls go to voicemail wasn’t the solution; it was another problem. This is when I discovered Front Office Staff-Reno-Reno’s Virtual Receptionist Service and decided to utilize them. I was grateful and hooked after the first month. I knew I’d never be without them again. They not only provide professionalism to your business without the steep price of hiring your own receptionist but the tailored-made manner they service your account will make you actually feel they only work for you.

I get all my messages the way I want them in email form, with direct links to the client’s number so I can easily call back on my cell phone. When I know I won’t be in for the day, I send out a simple email to Front Office Staff-Reno’s Virtual Receptionist Service and they let people know I’m out and forward me all the messages. It’s so incredibly tailored and professional; it’s a no brainer to use them. And finally, since our businesses are only as strong as the people our clients first meet, I’m happy to report that my business continues to grow with Front Office Staff-Reno’s Virtual Receptionist Service as my receptionist.

Heather A Ijames
Law Office of Heather A Ijames Attorney

David Mansfield – Curtis Bros. Construction

“Front Office Staff-Reno’s answering service is excellent, simple as that; we have been using their service for over five years. Rena, Loretta, and their entire team are very professional and will bend over backward to accommodate your answering of calls and marketing needs. Great people and great company to work with! We highly recommend Front Office Staff-Reno’s Answering Service.”

David Mansfield
892 Maestro Dr., Ste 104
Reno, NV 90511

Mike Richardson, Bay Equity Branch Manager

I use Front Office Staff – Reno for all my inbound calls. With my high call volume, their service has proven invaluable to me and my ability to stay on top of all my calls. I love that if I am tied up or can’t take the call, they email me a summary so l can see what I missed and can be better prepared when I call them back. I’ve recommended them to anyone that will listen and I’ll continue to do so. Thanks for all you do for my business and me!

Mike Richardson • Branch Manager • Reno, NV

Terry Shepro – Shepro Insurance Services

I have had the pleasure of Front Office Staff-Reno handle my incoming phone calls for about ten years. I’m always amazed at how many favorable comments I receive from my clients about how friendly and professional my receptionist is. Most callers believe they are talking to a receptionist in my front office and are therefore very willing to leave all their callback information. This wouldn’t happen if an answering machine or voicemail answered their call. I highly recommend Front Office Staff-Reno for your business.

Terry Shepro, Owner
Shepro Insurance Services

Edward W. Lui – Mars Hill Realty Group

mars hill realty group

If you are a client of Front Office Staff – Reno you share a very important value with Mars Hill: A desire to leave an excellent impression on new and existing clients through prompt communication and consistent follow-through. This is something that Front Office Staff – Reno has partnered with Mars Hill to accomplish. As a show of gratitude, Mars Hill is willing to partner with any Front Office Staff – Reno customer who wants to diversify their investment portfolio into rental real estate in Austin, Texas, or the Washington DC/Northern Virginia markets in 2021 by offering SIX FREE MONTHS of property management services.

Edward W. Lui

Broker/Owner | Mars Hill Realty Group
Master Certified Negotiation Expert
CRS, GRI, e-Pro, RCC, EcoBroker
Licensed in VA, MD, DC, TX

Jared L. Peterson, Bay Equity Regional Vice President

Front Office Staff – Reno was able to streamline our way of doing business in our operation. Call it the perfect storm of 2020, but with Front Office Staff, we have been able to change the way we function and have gained great efficiencies. We don’t worry about covering a phone system in our GJ office anymore and our smaller offices in Gunnison and Montrose now have a dedicated team to take the burden of answering the inbound calls off of them. This is all professionally handled by the team at FOS. Quick and responsive to ever-changing needs with many calls to handle and redirect, the team at FOS has really impressed us with how they have handled our inbound callers.

Jared L. Peterson • Regional Vice President • Grand Junction, CO

Lyn Beggs, Esq., Law Offices of Lyn E. Beggs, PLLC

I have been using the wonderful services of Front Office Staff Reno (FOS) for almost five years and could not be happier with the service provided. As a solo attorney running a busy practice, it is absolutely essential to me to have a professional and friendly voice answer my phones; I have heard from so many callers that my “receptionist” is so pleasant and always helpful.  

FOS allows me to ensure that my phones are always answered during business hours so that if I am with a client, in court, or escaping for a few days for a much needed vacation, I know that I won’t miss a single client call. The ability to receive voice mails via e-mail has been wonderful, I can archive messages as needed and can review voice mails from anywhere at any time, allowing me to respond to urgent calls as quickly as possible.  I can’t speak highly enough about the personalized, exceptional service that FOS provides; FOS makes me feel that my business is as important to them as it is to me.

Lyn Beggs, Esq.

Macauley Law Group, P.C.

Credibility and stability are the hallmarks of any successful small business.  For Macauley Law Group, as an estate planning and bankruptcy law firm, our clients need to be sure that we can always be reached and that we will assist them in their time of need.

Front Office Staff-Reno’s Virtual Receptionist Service reinforces those qualities of Macauley Law Group each and every time that they answer the phone.  Our clients always talk with a live person when they call during business hours, and every voicemail gets emailed directly to us immediately so that we can follow up with them 24/7.  If there are any questions or problems that are mentioned during a client call, Front Office Staff-Reno’s Virtual Receptionist Service leaves us a message so that we can address it when we return the call.  And, remarkably, during the many years of using Front Office Staff-Reno’s Virtual Receptionist Service, we never had any issue with their service and have only received glowing reports from our clients who have spoken with them.

            Truly, during the COVID-19 crisis, we are very thankful that Front Office Staff-Reno remained the Firm’s answering service.  Our office is part of an executive office suite, and there was a time when we considered having the Firm just use their reception to answer our calls and cut a little expense.  But now we are so glad that we declined to take that course.  During the crisis, our executive suite cut their reception services to three hours a day, allowing the rest of the incoming calls that they answer to just go to voicemail and assuming that most businesses are just closed anyway.  However, as a law firm, our business is still going strong during the pandemic, because courts are still operating and work has to be done.   Consequently, we are extremely grateful that Front Office Staff-Reno has continued to operate and to answer our clients’ calls with the same efficiency as always.  Our clients know that, even during these difficult times, Macauley Law Group is there for them with the continued and reliable assistance of Front Office Staff-Reno’s Virtual Receptionist Service.

Macauley Law Group, P.C.

Bryan E. Jamison – Jamison Agency

“I am an Allstate Insurance Agency in Georgetown, Texas, and I have been using the services of Front Office Staff-Reno since 2010. They have become an important, integral part of my business by providing professional representatives to assist us with answering our phones and always making sure that every one of our customers is answered by a live, caring person to assist them with getting their call to the right place. Their service has allowed us to focus our attention and financial resources to better serve our customers without worrying as much about having to answer every incoming call to our small business. The savings of not having to pay for a full-time person to answer our phones has allowed us to spend more on marketing and increase our new business. Great investment!

Bryan E. Jamison, CIC

Allstate Insurance- Jamison Agency

Eric Larson, President of Essential Sign

“How does Front Office Staff make my business stronger? As a small sign shop we are always consumed in our work, whether that is focusing on creating a fresh design package for our clients, operating our printing presses, or out in the field performing a graphic installation. It is important that we stay focused on the task at hand so we are able to always perform at our best and do our best work without interruption.

Front Office Staff allows us to avoid those distractions. Knowing that all incoming calls are handled in a timely & professional manner keeps us focused. That focus has increased our quality & production capabilities.

Front Office staff also allows us to capture the next sale. We were able to craft the perfect script so all the relevant information is gathered for us. Saving us valuable time in determining the client needs. FOS provides us that info so when we get back in touch with the client we have the answers they are looking for and the perfect recommendations. This has allowed us to provide more accurate quotes and close the sales faster than we were able to before.

If you love what you do, I highly recommend Front Office Staff so you can go do more of it!!

Eric Larson

President, Essential Sign

Beacon SEO

“Front Office Staff has been critical in helping me launch my own business. At the time I was working a full time job while I launched my business. Throughout the day, as I was going through meetings, my phone would ring and most of the time I wasn’t able to answer. I didn’t know if it was a prospect or a client. I didn’t know if that was money going down the drain. When I hired Front Office Staff all my calls get answered and I’ve had clients tell me that my receptionists are always so nice!”

Beacon SEO

Brian S. Ligon Allstate Insurance Agency – Ligon Insurance and Financial Services, LLC

I have been working with Front Office Staff-Reno for a few years now and they are an integral part of my team. With basketball’s March Madness upon us, they are the equivalent to our 6th Player off the bench. They are the additional employee we need to provide the level of service our customers expect. At our office, we tend to get our phone calls in clusters, and it’s a relief to know that if someone in my office cannot answer, they will be taken care of immediately by the team at Front Office Staff-Reno. The staff at Front Office Staff-Reno can direct our customers to the right place. If there is an immediate need and they need to file a claim, the Front Office Staff team can get them immediate claims service. In addition, when we have our weekly team meetings in our office, we know we can meet uninterrupted because the Front Office Staff-Reno team will be there answer any calls that come in. Adding Front Office Staff-Reno’s virtual Receptionist Service to our team, has been invaluable. Loretta and Rena are also wonderful to work with. I highly recommend Front Office Staff-Reno’s virtual Receptionist Service.

Brian S. Ligon
Ligon Insurance and Financial Services, LLC

Jim Kenny – Catalytic PURE AIR

At Catalytic PURE AIR, we have been using Front Office Staff for over two years and have received excellent service. Their staff is great and their service helps our business grow with their very cost effective pricing and programs. Front Office Staff comes highly recommended!

Jim Kenny
Catalytic PURE AIR

Shandel Slaten

Just had another amazing experience with Front Office Staff. I had an unusual request that normally would have cost me time and effort that I did not have in the moment. I called up Loretta and she (again) went the extra mile. I have been using FOS for over 2 years and I am so grateful I have them on my team. Shandel Group is able to be high functioning b/c of them. THANK YOU!


Shandel Slaten

Frank Havlik – M&S Heating and Air

“We have used “Front Office Staff” for the last 6 months as our phone answering service. They are far more than a “call center”. By providing us with a needed live voice for incoming calls, we have seen a significant increase in sales and appointments. The transfer of calls is so seamless that most clients are unaware that we are not all sitting in the same office.”


Frank Havlik
M&S Heating and Air

Alice Heiman, Owner

What can I say; I couldn’t operate my business as efficiently without Front Office Staff-Reno. Their service allows the utmost flexibility, because no matter where we are Front Office Staff seamlessly routes our calls so we don’t miss an appointment. Our clients think a receptionist is sitting in our office! Using their service has allowed my company to grow—we can focus on what we do best and Front Office Staff makes sure our clients can reach us whenever they need us.

If I had to pay for a fulltime receptionist I would not have had the money available to put back into my business. Because I utilize Front Office Staff, I had the money I needed to build a new website this year. I highly recommend Front Office Staff-Reno, your business will benefit.

Alice Heiman, Owner
Alice Heiman, LLC

Missy Emerich

We have been working with Front Office Staff-Reno, for over 4 years. We tried several options for our receptionist services prior to using FOS. Even with the complexity of our company and the need to filter calls, FOS has been great. They provide the caller with a very positive experience to get them to the best person as quickly as possible. FOS has been extremely patient and helpful with every step as we experimented with the best call flow for different circumstances. Their staff is very well spoken, extremely friendly and assists in every way possible. We appreciate them being the face of our company!

Missy Emerich

Phil & Paul’s Plumbing Je L. Lodi, CA

My business has used Front Office Staff now for the past couple of years. I have recommended them before and will continue to recommend them. This is not your normal call center. This company will work with your needs and come up with a customized solution that fits your business as they do for mine.

Phil & Paul’s Plumbing Je L
Phil & Paul’s Plumbing Je L

Deven Peterson, Owner/Contractor – Nevada Outdoors

As a small landscape and maintenance company, we spend most of our time in the field away from the office. After hearing about Front Office Staff, we knew we found a solution. Since we started using Front Office Staff two years ago, our call volume has risen and the percentage of jobs we have landed has significantly increased. Thank you Loretta and Front Office Staff-Reno.

Deven Peterson
Nevada Outdoors

Dennis and Judy Krause – Sun West Building Services

Sun West signed up with Front Office Staff-Reno a couple of years ago. It was the best decision we could have made. The bottom line is…It is more reasonable to use Front Office Staff-Reno than it is to pay for a receptionist who may be impolite or quit and leave us stranded.

Dennis and Judy Krause
Sun West Building Services

Max Ker, Owner – VIP Roofing

The truth is, Front Office Staff-Reno helps us do our job better, with more focus and efficiency…The other part I love is that in a crisis our clients don’t just get my voicemail. We have a team figuring out how to solve the problem. Gotta love them.

Max Ker
VIP Roofing

Patricia Halstead, Esq. – Halstead Law Offices

Front Office Staff- Reno allows me to significantly save on what I would otherwise expend in staffing costs for my solo law practice while still providing me with the benefit of great receptionists who are engaging, professional, and friendly. Front Office Staff-Reno maintains a proficient team who deliver a great first impression and I’ve received numerous compliments on the services Front Office Staff-Reno provides.

Patricia Halstead, Esq
Halstead Law Offices
615 South Arlington Ave
Reno, Nevada 89509

Patricia Halstead, Esq
Halstead Law Offices

Jeff Larsen – Phil & Paul’s Plumbing, Inc.

My business has used Front Office Staff now for the past couple of years. I have recommended them before and will continue to recommend them. This is not your normal call center. This company will work with your needs and come up with a customized solution that fit’s your business like they do for mine.

Jeff Larsen
Phil & Paul’s Plumbing, Inc.