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One of the most important functions of a law practice is to ensure that new clients are received well. Especially if you are a single-lawyer office, have a rapidly growing clientele, or a clientele that speaks multiple languages, it can be challenging to take their phone calls appropriately. A legal answering service may be the best option to take care of your clients.

As a lawyer, you are frequently juggling multiple clients and may be in meetings throughout the day. This busy timeline may leave your phone line unattended for long periods throughout the day. But, this growth and busy calendar are what you are hoping for! The only way that you can keep up the growth trajectory is through a more efficient way to handle incoming calls.

Legal Answering Service Can Reduce Costs

Hiring a full-time receptionist is often the first solution to the strains of a growing law practice. This can be an expensive investment, though, as you’ll need someone available full-time. As you grow, a full-time receptionist may not be taking calls at capacity – costing you extra money.

Hiring a third-party option, who are staffed to handle a large volume of calls but also not dedicated solely to your business, can be the lowest-cost solution. A legal answering service will guarantee that your phone lines are answered professionally and that the proper information is taken and noted from the client.

Benefits to a Legal Answering Service

The benefits to a legal answering service are varied and depend on your needs, but these customizable phone service can help address most problems in the way your clients are received. Some of the most vital benefits include:

  • Reducing costs and staffing space for a full-time receptionist
  • Simplifying and standardizing the legal intake process
  • Providing extended-hours service and filtering emergency vs. non-emergency calls
  • Receiving clients calls in their primary language with ease


Savings Can Be Used for Marketing Your Business

With the savings that you hold on to from using a legal answering service, you can reinvest this money into your law practice. Rather than paying a receptionist to physically staff your office, spend the money on marketing tactics to get noticed. With a bit of effort in your marketing, you’ll increase the amount of calls sent over to your experienced legal answering service, and hopefully the number of clients you are seeing. Make yourself known through a professional-looking website and online presence. These savings can also be reinvested into staffing your legal team, if you are really looking to grow your business.

The benefits to a legal answering service make it the smartest and most cost-effective option for most practices. Learn more about the way Front Office Staff- Reno has helped other law practices grow and what their clients think.

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