Phone Answering Service for Small Business

If you’re a small business owner, then you understand just how much work there is to get done each day. With so many business tasks to handle, answering the phones may not be at the top of your priority list, but it’s still very important. A call answering service for small business owners is a cost-effective solution that can help free up time for other important business objectives while ensuring your customers and clients get the best customer service possible.

Educate Your Team

Teaching your team about the call answering service and how their services may benefit a small business will ensure a smooth transition for your employees and your clients. Knowing exactly what clients and customers will be experiencing when they call for your company can improve the way your team handles calls and returning messages. And most call answering companies offer demos that will help prepare you and your team for what to expect and how to effectively use their services.  

Take Advantage of All Services Offered

Most call answering services provide an array of added benefits for business owners that use their services. Rather than simply having a live operator answering calls, phone answering services offer many other solutions that will help improve the efficiency of your business. Other services that are typically offered are:

  • Having calls transferred to you while you’re out of the office. This means you never have to worry about missing a call so long as you keep your cell phone on hand. 
  • Request customized greetings that are tailored specifically to your business.
  • Pager notifications that you can see while you’re out of the office.
  • Have the phone answering professionals track the calls that are coming in. This will allow you to be more involved in the answering process while still giving you the freedom to take care of other business tasks. You’ll get to see who the customer was being transferred to, how that customer heard about your business, and what type of message was given.
  • Receive automated messages or voicemails sent directly to you. You may also receive emails or text messages that have a recording of the message left, or even receive a typed version of the recording. This makes checking your messages simple and fast. 

Also keep in mind the money you’ll be saving by utilizing a phone answering service for small business. You avoid having to purchase phone equipment and the hassle of having it installed. And you’ll also save money by not having to hire and train a new employee, not to mention there’s no salary that needs to be paid. 

Ask Your Clients/Customers for Feedback

To help you effectively use your answering service, you can ask your clients and customers for feedback on their experience with the call answering company. This will allow you to get a real response from people who are directly dealing with the call service to see what will work best for your business. You can adjust the services you get to better suit your needs which will in turn, improve your customer satisfaction. To get the best results possible, ask questions such as: 

  • How was your experience when you called? (Was the customer greeted in a manner that adequately represents your business?) 
  • How long did it take for your call to be transferred to someone? 
  • How long did it take from the time you left a message for you to get a call back from us?

Asking these questions will instill trust in your company by showing customers and clients that you will go the extra step to give them a great experience. 

Connect with Front Office Staff-Reno – Phone Answering Service for Small Business

Front Office Staff-Reno is a dedicated phone answering service committed to providing small businesses with the best solution to their phone answering needs. With customized and personal detail, Front Office Staff-Reno takes care of your callers. Their highly trained virtual receptionists can help your business by answering your calls with professionalism, while you can focus on other objectives. If you’re interested in seeing how a call answering service can help your business, connect with Front Office Staff-Reno today!

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