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Ofrecemos servicios en Español.

Front Office Staff does take incoming calls and relay voicemails in Spanish, as well as in English!  In our commitment to representing your business in the best possible way, we are also an answering service in Spanish. Our team can handle incoming calls and relaying voicemails in both English and Spanish – whichever makes your callers most comfortable.

Front Office Staff-Reno’s virtual receptionist service includes traditional answering service and call center features, but your clients won’t know we are offsite. We manage this by incorporating the latest technology available. This unique technology enables us to tailor our service to your specific business needs and allows us to offer much more than traditional services.

Front Office Staff-Reno is proud to say we have returned to the basics of customer service. Our receptionists always answer with a smile in our voice, project a professional image, and take an interest in helping our clients’ customers. We go the distance by helping our clients complete any possible sale. It could be as simple as locating our clients or discussing our client’s products and services they sell. We are dedicated to provide our clients with a service that is unique to their business industry.

A customized script is developed for answering your calls. Additionally, our receptionists have a detailed company profile that outlines how your calls are to be handled. General information specific to your company can be relayed, including office hours, directions and basic procedures. Front Office Staff-Reno can also provide call screening, scheduling, appointment confirmation and quotes for standard fees. Our receptionists are only limited by the information and guidelines provided.

The result is an informed, live receptionist providing a polished first impression. Customers never realize their calls are answered from a remote location and often comment on how friendly and professional your receptionist is.

A live, Front Office Staff receptionist will answer your calls within three rings, ready to assist your clients. With state-of-the-art technology and multiple receptionists ready, each call is received professionally and handled in a timely fashion according to your specifications. Once you experience our service, you will enjoy the peace of mind of knowing your callers are consistently well taken care of.

Front Office Staff-Reno’s receptionists sit in a controlled environment, thereby reducing the background-noise level. Your caller will be greeted according to your specifications by a friendly receptionist who is knowledgeable about your company. Although no caller is put on hold for an extended time, when they are on hold the caller will enjoy pleasant music while they wait.

The hardest part is deciding to give us a try! Once you say yes we get to work. A profile detailing how you want your phones answered is designed, phone lines are prepared, and your voice mail set up. Our receptionists review your profile and become as familiar as possible with your business. Finally, we run a few tests to make sure everything is working smoothly. From start to finish, this process takes about four days and only a few minutes of your time.

No special equipment required! All you need is the forwarding code from your telephone provider. We have all the equipment and lines needed to handle your calls.

Yes, but it is a very straight-forward and month-by-month contract. We understand that business needs may change. We even have some businesses that utilize our services solely during their busy season, and we’ve worked together in that fashion for years. Our goal is to be easy to work with, not add to your pressure. To cancel, all we need is a written, 30-day notice.

By using the services provided by Front Office Staff-Reno, our clients reduce overhead costs while providing outstanding customer service. Our clients are able to focus on their business and have enjoyed an increase in their customer base, growth, and profits.