Employees have been resigning from their jobs in massive numbers throughout the pandemic. The peak of this movement, also known as the Great Resignation, has been happening since March 2021. With employees leaving en-masse, companies are now wondering what to do in regards to keeping their employees. 

Here at Front Office Staff Reno, an active call center for your business, we have found that the following solutions can work if you’re looking to stop the Great Resignation from the office:

#1: Reward Loyalty

One of the top reasons employees across the country are leaving their jobs to seek something new falls under one factor: appreciation. A need to start fresh at a new company is more important to some people than to stick around in a place where they experience little to no appreciation or pride for what they do.

It’s important to reaffirm your staff that they’re valued – not every single day but often.

#2: Embrace Flexibility

If anything, these past few years have shown that working from home options, when compared to the traditional in-office 9 to 5 model, can not only be successful but bring better benefits for employers and employees alike. 

Employees have grown comfortable with a work from home option and expect the option of hybrid and flexible working arrangements. 

If a business doesn’t offer arrangements like this, you can’t risk losing your best talent and turn away candidates or current employees.

Be adaptive but set boundaries early on. 

#3: Offer Opportunities for Growth

People want to move up in a company because it makes them feel valued and a part of the team. If the business looks externally for candidates to fill higher positions, others may feel overlooked.

Work with your staff to help them learn different company roles and positions so they may adapt to empathy for your other employees.

#4 Celebrate Your Employees

It’s amazing how a few warm words and positive feedback from an employer or client can make you feel.  It’s an incredible asset to have in your retention strategy toolbox because employees feel valued, appreciated, confident and trusted. 

Similar to tip number one, feedback is critical. It doesn’t ALWAYS have to be positive but it should matter.

#5: Foster a Healthy Company Culture

Creating a healthy and thriving workplace culture helps employee retention. A toxic workplace environment can ultimately lead to unhappy, demotivated employees. 

Studies since March 2021 show lower productivity, lower standards of work, dissatisfied clients, and a higher staff turnover rate due to toxic work cultures.

If there is a noticeable shift in your company’s workplace, act accordingly and fast.

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How Front Office Staff Reno Can Be A Solution

An alternate solution is to outsource some of your staff. Front Office Staff Reno can save your business and resolve any hiring issues thanks to our flexibility and services. We’re a callcenter that connects you to your clients.

We have worked with attorneys, realtors, insurance firms, mortgage companies and more. Our services are more cost effective than training a new receptionist, and your first month working with our staff is free. With no lost phone calls or lost revenue, you’ll see a greater ROI. If your business is struggling to hire and fill receptionist or front office jobs, our team is available to assist. Outsourcing to our company will help you convert fixed costs into variables, release capital for investments in other sectors of your budget, and avoid large expenditures. 

Front Office Staff Reno works hand in hand to create success for your business by ensuring high quality customer service through our call center.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can create success for your business! 

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