Front Office Staff Reno is the virtual answering service that goes beyond your expectations of what a typical virtual receptionist can do. Their expert staff is trained to answer phone calls with professionalism and care that provides the best customer service to all of your clients and potential clients. Not only do their receptionists provide great customer service, but they’re also better qualified to recognize potential leads, are able to improve the way you handle calls, and are trained to best fit the specific needs of your business. Take a look at how Front Office Staff – Reno is able to provide phenomenal receptionist services for your business.


Counting Calls Instead of Minutes

One of the things that make Front Office Staff-Reno outshine other virtual answering services is that they count calls instead of counting minutes. If you’re a small business owner or entrepreneur, then you understand just how important it is to save money wherever you can. Fortunately, utilizing services from a call center that lets you pay per call instead of per minute can be a great way to cut back on expenses. When you pay for calls by the minute, all of the risk falls on you, with no risk to your service provider. Because you never really know how long a call will last, and most calls per minute are usually rounded up, charging you for another minute, then this option can prove to be costly. Typically, you have some idea of how many calls per day you receive, but you never know how long each call will last. So, you’ll get a better value for your money, and you’ll have some certainty when paying for individual calls, rather than paying for the length and time of the call. 

For example…  

If your calls usually last around 1.5 minutes, you’d be paying for approximately 150 minutes for 100 calls per month. Rather than doing this, you could simply pay for the 100 calls a month, regardless of how long the calls will last. 

virtual answering serviceGrowing Your Business with You 

Another benefit of using Front Office Staff Reno’s virtual answering service is they’ll help you grow your business. They do this by helping you capture new leads, being readily available to answer each incoming call, and providing your business with a friendly yet professional persona. Unlike how an in-house receptionist may miss calls or leads, our staff is properly trained to recognize potential leads to further grow your business. Also, we help gain trust and support from your clients by providing them with a face for your business that is professional and personal. 

And, you’d be amazed at the savings you’ll see when hiring Front Office Staff Reno, instead of paying a full time in-house receptionist. Our services will save you money, which allows you to use your savings to better market your business.

Improved Phone Answering Solutions 

One of our best features is that we offer rollover forwarding and direct-call forwarding as a service to our clients. Not only do these services help with continued growth for your business, but they also ensure that your calls never go unanswered. Rollover forwarding occurs when you forward your business line to Front Office Staff Reno after it has rung in your office first. Typically, we suggest that you program your phone system to ring about 3-4 times in your office and if all lines are in use or no one is available to answer, then the call will automatically transfer to us. We will then handle the call following your specific profile. On the other hand, direct call forwarding means that ALL of your calls are forwarded to our office, where we handle each call following your specific profile. We will pose as the first point of contact to your business and will use your preferences to take care of the caller. 

Both of these services allow you to choose how your calls are handled, and ensures that each client’s needs are being met. 

Our Virtual Answering Service

Front Office Staff-Reno offers phenomenal receptionist services at the fraction of the cost to hire an in-house receptionist. We also provide industry specific training to our staff that helps improve your business and gains the trust of your clients and potential clients. And, our rollover forwarding and direct-call forwarding options are great for ensuring that your calls never go unanswered. Connect with us today to see how we can start helping your business grow!

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