Front Office Staff-Reno is becoming fully HIPAA compliant! In doing so, our staff, equipment, and procedures properly align with the guidelines set forth by HIPAA allowing us to expand our service availability to medical clients of all types. 

Medical, dental, optometry, therapy offices, and more are held to high standards of privacy and security in regards to private health information (PHI). Ensuring that sensitive information is protected typically isn’t top of mind for most medical professionals actively assisting patients, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t critical to their practice. Remaining HIPAA compliant is a major concern in any office where PHI is shared, stored, or gathered. 

Fortunately, HIPAA compliance is simple when you work with a HIPAA compliant call center such as Front Office Staff-Reno. Being HIPAA compliant allows us to provide dental and medical answering services and gives us the ability to work with other medical providers and vendors.   

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Front Office Staff-Reno is Now HIPAA Compliant

Front Office Staff-Reno has been a reputable provider of call answering services in the Reno area and beyond for nearly fifteen years. Some of our major clients include contractors, marketing agencies, law firms, and mortgage lenders, to name a few. Now, we’re happy to be able to add the medical industry to our repertoire of client types thanks to our HIPAA compliance efforts.    

We now offer medical answering services for private practitioners such as chiropractors, optometrists, primary physicians, dentists, physical therapists, counselors, and more. If you are in the healthcare industry and need coverage of your phones for overflow calls or need us to answer all your calls, Front Office Staff-Reno’s Virtual Receptionist Service is the ideal choice.

Our HIPAA compliant live virtual receptionists will be available to assist your clinic with incoming phone calls during your busiest times so that you never miss an opportunity to help your patients. Whether your in-house receptionists are busy dealing with patients in the office, are backed up on phone calls, or are out to lunch, Front Office Staff-Reno is there to offer coverage during those hectic times. 

HIPAA Compliant Call Center Qualities

HIPAA, which stands for the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, set strict guidelines that started in 1996 to prevent sensitive PHI from becoming exposed. The law places specific restrictions and rules for all companies and organizations that collect or handle private or personal health information. Being a HIPAA compliant call center requires that each team member be trained and certified in HIPAA regulations and procedures. 

These guidelines are based on two main categories which include privacy and security. Predominantly, HIPAA specifies the proper methods for obtaining and recording PHI along with sharing that information with other providers or vendors. All employees working in a HIPAA compliant facility must be familiar with the proper strategies for handling and transferring private health information. 

Likewise, HIPAA compliant call centers must implement the following changes:

  • Data encryption
  • Password protection
  • Secure data storage

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Benefits of Working With a HIPAA Compliant Call Center

HIPAA compliance is essential in the healthcare industry, so it’s crucial that if you seek virtual receptionist services that you work with a HIPAA compliant call center. There are several benefits to working with a medical answering service or dental answering service including:

  • Improved response times
  • Increased office productivity and efficiency
  • Improves reputation for being secure and trustworthy with PHI
  • Increased customer/patient satisfaction
  • Easily and safely transmit patient data
  • Increased accountability among agents 

HIPAA Compliant Call Answering Services 

Hiring a HIPAA compliant call center can help your office stay well within the realm of compliance for the benefit of your patients as well as your practice. HIPAA compliant call answering services from Front Office Staff-Reno allow your in-office receptionists to attend to patients’ needs promptly and with their full attention, improving your overall patient satisfaction. 

We have state-of-the-art phone technology and software which allows us to answer your clinic’s calls promptly, greet your patients friendly and professionally, transfer callers, take accurate messages, and send them off to your team in real-time. 

If you’re struggling to hire a receptionist, take advantage of our limited-time offer of FREE unlimited calls for the first month of service with Front Office Staff-Reno. To take advantage of this offer, either give us a call at 775-353-6600 and ask for Rena.  

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