call answering serviceFor many businesses, phones are the primary point of contact with customers. That means having quality phone answering skills is critical. The way your business’s phones are answered will form a customer’s first impression of your company. So, ask yourself – does your phone ring to a message machine? If so, Front Office Staff-Reno’s Call Center service may be your solution. Take a look below to learn more about how our Reno virtual receptionists perform their professional duties to give your business the best first impressions.

Using Appropriate Language

All of our virtual receptionists are trained to use business-appropriate language that will give your company a sense of true professionalism. Instead of saying “Okay,” “Mhm,” or “Yeah,” our receptionists will use phrases like “Certainly,” and “Very well.” This not only shows incoming callers your professionalism, but it also comes off as being more respectful and friendly. And when potential clients are introduced with more formal and polite language, it gives them a good first impression of your company.  

Another way we can give your callers a good impression of your business is by training our receptionists to keep their voice and tone positive. When you’re speaking to someone with a calm tone and a positive voice, you tend to feel more comfortable and calm yourself. 

Never Miss a Call

Phone calls can be critical to a business’s success. If you’re missing out on phone calls, you’re also missing out on business opportunities. Fortunately, using a Reno call center service helps prevent calls from being missed. Our receptionists are always happy to answer incoming calls with warmth and enthusiasm. And, we make sure to answer each incoming call within 3 rings. Typically, in most offices, calls may go unanswered from time-to-time and we hope to mitigate these types of situations by making ourselves readily available. Once the call has been answered with your company’s name a friendly introduction, callers are asked “How may I direct your call?” so that their inquiries can be properly addressed. 

Speaking with Confidence

Another way our virtual receptionists will give your company a good first impression with incoming callers is by enunciating and speaking as clearly as possible over the phone. It can be extremely frustrating to talk to someone through a telephone if you can’t hear or understand them. Thankfully, that’s never an issue with our call center services because our receptionists always pronounce their words with clarity and confidence. 

Call Center Service from Front Office Staff – Reno

The techniques described above are implemented when we train our receptionists, ensuring a professional receptionist will answer all our clients’ phone calls and provide the best first impression. Our goal is to help save small business owners and entrepreneurs money with our exceptional call answering services. So, Connect with Front Office Staff-Reno’s Call Center Service Today!

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