Saving Money is only part of the Goal

The desire to save money is something just about everyone can relate to. Every business owner wants to see revenue and rising call volume, while keeping expenses down at every opportunity. However, there is a fine line between “cutting unnecessary business costs” and “eliminating parts of your sales force” like marketing types and other employees who contribute to your bottom line.

Some people might tend to go overboard, assuming that the less you spend the better off you are, while others more clearly understand what could be eliminated from the budget without hampering productivity. Some things are not a matter of “can you afford this” as they are a matter of “can you afford NOT to have it.”

Rising Call Volume Problem 1

Your phones are ringing off the hook and you can’t possibly answer every call. The calls going unanswered are missed opportunities, no question. You examine your budget to see if you can afford to hire an in-house receptionist to answer your phones.

Rising Call Volume Problem 2

Your company doubled in size, going from 12 employees to 24 in just a year. Last year you hired an in-house receptionist to answer your phones and route all incoming calls to the appropriate people. Because your receptionist is swamped in calls, you are considering hiring another employee to act as an office assistant to help you and your receptionist with standard office duties.

The solution to your Rising Call Volume

As you experience rising call volume, hire a live answering service to answer all your incoming calls, then utilize your receptionist for greeting live customers and light office work. The salary you had budgeted for the new office assistant can go right back into growing your business.
Quality live answering services are often cheaper than hiring an in-house receptionist and give your business 24/7 customer availability. Front Office Staff Reno offers exceptionally affordable rates and well trained, qualified phone answering professionals who you do not have to provide space for or carry as employees. All the benefits of EVERY call being answered, with almost none of the overhead.

Have a Great Day!

Rena Zatica

Front Office Staff of Reno