One thing mortgage lenders don’t have enough of is time. With all the responsibilities that brokers and lenders have to manage in their day-to-day job, it can be difficult to also dedicate time to answering the phones. However, incoming calls are crucial to the business, and missing even one call can result in a missed lead or business opportunity. An answering service for mortgage lenders can save your branch the trouble of struggling with completing daily tasks while seeing that your clients receive the best customer service possible.

See how your branch could benefit from an answering service that doesn’t just work for you but works with you to capture more leads, maximize your bottom line, and provide exceptional customer service to your clients with each and every call.

Maximize Closing Rates

We will help you maximize your closing rate by answering every potential new lead’s call. One of the biggest advantages of using a virtual receptionist service is that they use scripting which helps agents recognize the moods and emotions that could turn a prospect into a sales lead. Often, an in-house receptionist doesn’t steer phone conversations to maximize the potential of sales. However, virtual receptionists have access to lead generation scripts that provide a structure to work through a phone conversation to increase the chances of a sale. Our answering service for mortgage lenders provides quality support from staff that has the necessary training to handle lead generation and lead nurturing.

Free Up Time for Other Tasks

The economy is currently experiencing historically low-interest rates which have made mortgage lenders extremely busy. Front Office Staff – Reno Virtual Receptionist Service can answer all your calls during and following these historically low-interest rates, giving your team the chance to handle other important tasks. Our answering services allow your team to deliver excellent customer service by freeing up your loan officers and processors to:

  • Provide clients with helpful information that can affect their interest rate.
  • Work with bowers to find the right monthly mortgage payment that fits the client’s budget.
  • Do the research for borrowers to find a program that’s just right for them, such as USDA Jumbo or reverse.
  • Help first-time homebuyers navigate through the process of buying a new home from start to finish.
  • Assist borrowers with refinancing options to take advantage of these low interest rates, potentially saving them thousands of dollars.

Improve Customer Service

Customer service is crucial in your business and ours, which is why we prioritize client needs over all else. By delivering timely, courteous, and effective answering services, your clients will experience the best customer service possible.

One of our best features is that we offer rollover forwarding and direct-call forwarding as a service to our clients. Not only do these services help with continued growth for your business, but they also ensure that your calls never go unanswered. Rollover forwarding occurs when you forward your business line to Front Office Staff – Reno after it has rung in your office first. From there, our virtual receptionists will handle the call following your specific profile. And direct call forwarding means that ALL of your calls are forwarded to our office, where we handle each call following your specific profile. We will pose as the first point of contact to your business and will use your preferences to take care of the caller. We are also able to direct callers to the appropriate team member and take messages when your team members are unavailable.

Both of these services allow you to choose how your calls are answered and ensure that each client’s needs are being met.

Save Your Branch Money

The cost of a full-time receptionist can range anywhere from $30,000 to $36,000 a year whether you have a large or small or are currently working remotely. This can be a hefty price to pay for a small branch that could use those resources towards other business goals or marketing strategies. You can hire the team at Front Office Staff – Reno to provide all of the services of a full-time receptionist and more, at just a fraction of the cost. With a full team of trained virtual receptionists, you not only have full-coverage of your phones at all times, but you also get a better bang for your buck.

Connect with Front Office Staff – Reno Today

Are you searching for an effective way to handle a high volume of phone calls at your business? A professional answering service affords all types of industries the ability to respond quickly and communicate effectively with every client. It’s not uncommon for an organization to miss calls simply because loan officers and processors are busy assisting other clients in the office or on another line. These are leads and potential business opportunities that you don’t want to miss out on. A professional answering service allows you to efficiently answer phone calls, perform follow-ups with customers, and schedule appointments all without being in your office.

Front Office Staff Reno excels in producing great customer service for your clients and will work with you to develop a customized communication plan that works for you. If you would like to learn more about answering services for mortgage lenders, contact Front Office Staff – Reno’s answering service today!


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