If you’re an associate attorney in a large firm who may be considering opening your own law firm or solo practice, then you might want to consider hiring an attorney answering service. While you can certainly hire a receptionist or paralegal to handle all of your office duties such as answering the phone and making appointments, this option may be costly and distracts paralegals from their other work. However, an attorney phone answering service could help cut costs and make your practice more efficient. Take a look below to see how our professional answering services could help your new law firm. 

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Starting your own business is no small matter. Even if your business is small starting out, you’ll still need assistance answering your phones, scheduling your appointments, and helping clients while you’re busy. Though plenty of law firms hire paralegals or receptionists to perform these tasks for them, there are other options available. Paralegals can cost anywhere between $38,000 and $57,000 a year and hiring a full time receptionist can cost between $30,000 and $36,000 a year depending on experience. Fortunately, Front Office Staff-Reno has the perfect solution. 

Our fees are collected on an annual basis and typically range from $2,742 and $11,382 depending on the client’s call volume. The savings you’ll experience while using attorney answering services are just one of the benefits of using our solutions. Take a look below for more ways we can help you grow your business. 

Maximizing Your Law Firm’s Success 

Some of the benefits of using a phone answering service that specializes in helping attorneys are that they understand legal language and can help free up time for your paralegal to tend to other office duties. This will help maximize your billable hours and keep your entire team on track and working more efficiently. For example, take a look at all the tasks a paralegal is responsible for:

  • Perform legal, factual, and records research
  • Identify relevant judicial decisions, statutes, legal articles, codes and other pertinent material
  • Organize, analyze and validate information
  • Prepare written reports and correspondence
  • Draft legal documents including briefs, pleadings, appeals, agreements, contracts and legal memorandum
  • Help prepare legal arguments, applications, declarations and motions
  • Check and edit legal forms and documents for accuracy
  • Build and maintain databases and files
  • Organize and track case files
  • Review and monitor new and updated laws and regulations
  • Maintain law library
  • Coordinate law office activities such as subpoena delivery
  • Locate and interview witnesses
  • Help with trial preparation including witness lists, exhibits and trial binders
  • Assist the lawyer in the courtroom

With so much to do already, having your paralegal answer phones, set appointments, and answer questions can really put them behind in their important day-to-day tasks. Luckily, hiring an attorney answering service can help mitigate this problem. 

It would be much more cost effective for your business to have a virtual receptionist service answering your phones, setting appointments, transferring callers to the appropriate team member and transmitting detailed email messages when you are unavailable, in a consultation, or in court.

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Answering Services For Attorneys

Benefits of Working with a Professional Attorney Answering Service

Not only will a legal phone answering service help optimize your law firm’s productivity, but it’ll also elevate your firm’s reputation with clients and ensure their trust in your company. Our skilled team of virtual receptionists have been trained to:

  • Create a customized and personal detailed profile of your firm
  • Understand the representation your firm provides and tailor services around your needs
  • Deliver friendly, helpful, and comfortable conversations to your clients
  • Positively represent your firm and build a good rapport with clients
  • Help you keep your clients happy and satisfied by tending to their needs while you focus on other important business details

See What Other Attorneys are Saying About Our Service

We’ve been working with attorneys since the beginning, and have been able to tailor our services to adequately fit their specific needs. Being able to help attorneys with our phone answering services has helped law firms get back the time they need to properly help their own clients. Take a look at what some of our attorney clients have to say about our services! 

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Front Office Staff-Reno is a Benefit Provider for the Washoe County Bar Association and the State Bar of Nevada. This has helped us develop a service strategy specifically for attorneys affiliated with the State Bar of Nevada & the Washoe County Bar Association. As business owners who are always thinking out of the box, we ran a promotion for attorneys who have access to both bar associations’ websites by placing ads in Nevada Law Magazine, Writ Magazine and The Washoe County Bar Association’s yearly directory. Also, we provide both bar associations a percentage of their yearly sales from attorneys who are members of these associations. Connect with us today to see how our attorney answering service in Nevada as well as throughout the United States could benefit you!

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