Consider an attorney legal answering service with a dedicated virtual receptionist to handle your calls.

Do you often find your law firm missing calls because you or other attorneys are out of the office? If you have multiple attorneys working with you, it can be difficult to confirm appointments with clients. A legal phone answering service that utilizes a virtual receptionist may offer your firm some relief and assistance.

Clients often prefer to speak with a live person when they call you for help or information. Research suggests that roughly 75% of potential clients who call and don’t receive an immediate response will instantly seek out a competitor.

Often, your clients’ call may be urgent (or at least urgent to them). In such cases, connecting your client to a distant call center or giving them an automated message is impersonal. If you or anyone else at your firm aren’t able to answer clients’ calls, they may decide not to use your firm. Don’t lose clients because of missed interactions; instead, consider hiring a virtual receptionist.

The following are several ways a law firm benefits from an attorney answering service with a dedicated virtual receptionist:

Increased Reliability and Faster Message Turn-arounds

Clients who speak to a live virtual receptionist will likely feel a greater sense of reliability with your firm. If a client calls for an attorney with urgent business, such as scheduling a consultation, setting up a meeting or even just the perception of urgent business – a virtual receptionist can connect them with assistance immediately. Recording client messages and information is also a possibility. Your virtual receptionist can transfer your client to your voicemail or to some other legal representative at your firm. 

A virtual receptionist works quickly to contact your firm with messages from clients. At the same time, this individual lets your clients know that they will receive help from you at your earliest convenience. A receptionist may also provide information to clients and answer their questions directly.

Improved Personal Touch

Making a client feel valued and comfortable is a top priority in any firm; however, your potential clients may be more inclined to work with your law firm if they speak to an actual person. You may be taking the personal touch for granted when considering how you filed your calls.

The truth is, when you afford your clients the opportunity to speak directly to another person, their questions are answered faster and their overall satisfaction with you and your firm improves. Providing a personal touch is an important component of effective communication and exceptional customer service. 

Consultation Management

How frequently does your law firm conduct consultations? You can schedule more consultations each day if you utilize virtual receptionists. Instead of worrying about missing important calls when you are out of the office, you can perform more work outside of the office while receptionists handle your calls.

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