answering service

As passionate as you are about your business, there are certain aspects of running the thing that don’t exactly trip your trigger. You just want to do what you love, and that’s completely understandable. One way you can help yourself out and divvy-up the less desirable pieces of keeping a business going is to hire an answering service—a group of people whose biggest priority is taking care of your customers.

When your business starts taking flight, your grip on the reigns will undoubtedly be tested. So keep an eye out for these symptoms of a growing business, and your need to get a little extra help:

Too Many Calls to Handle

You’ve worked hard to build your portfolio, and you’re finally seeing a steady flow of business along with a steady ring and vibration from your pocket. By investing in an answering service, you can let someone else handle all the phone calls, and get back to the parts of your business you enjoy most without worrying about sending clients to voicemail.

Wearing too Many Hats

Running a business is hard enough as it is, but when you add the difficulty of providing quality customer service on top of everything else, the juggling act can quickly fall apart. By taking on an answering service, you get a workforce dedicated to providing consistent and dependable customer care, so the stresses, challenges, and obligations of your day don’t leak into conversations with potential customers.

No Money for a Receptionist

According to, receptionists can make upward of $38,000 a year, and let’s face it, you just don’t have that kind of money lying around. Hiring an onsite receptionist is expensive stuff, but you need someone to take care of your customers so you can focus on providing the best product you can. When you invest in an answering service, you get all the benefits of onsite reception without the heavy price tag.

Working from Home

If your business is growing at a good rate but you’re still working from home, having an onsite receptionist might be a bit impractical. By working with an answering service, you can take your work anywhere you want, and customers will always be able to get in touch.