Can a phone answering service help your business? With rising costs, it may seem like an area you would want to skip. However, before you make any decisions, consider this: studies show that 80% of callers hang up when their call isn’t answered right away.

phone answering service


That’s right. You could potentially lose a HUGE chunk of customers just by sending them to voicemail or to an automated system. The research is clear. People prefer talking to an actual person over a robotic voice system. That’s where answering services come into play. They can provide live assistance around the clock during your busiest times. Here’s why your business needs one:

Phone Calls with Real Humans

In today’s digital world, human communication has become less and less common. It’s typical to sit on a line listening to elevator music, wasting precious minutes in your day. Meanwhile, an answering service can have a receptionist answer your call in a prompt and friendly manner.  That’s enough to brighten anyone’s day and most importantly—help retain your customers.

Prompt Customer Service

Think about the last time you called to make a doctor’s appointment. Did you sit on the line for 15 minutes, get impatient and hang up…or did someone promptly answer your call? We hope the latter happened.  However, all too often, offices are flooded with calls and unable to handle the volume. An answering service can help solve that by having a live agent answer all calls quickly and efficiently, so your customers can get on with their day.

Personalized Message Delivery

No one likes to come into the office in the morning to be greeted by a red blinking light. Listening to a slew of voicemails can take up precious minutes in your day. On the bright side, an answering service can deliver those messages to you in the form of a text or email, so you can have all the details in one place.

Front Office Staff proudly provides these services throughout the U.S.A. and Canada. If these tips sound helpful to your business, check out our Phone Answering Service page for more details.


Happy Calling!