Front Office Staff-Reno’s live receptionist service was developed as an alternative to what is commonly known as a call center or an answering service. The owners, Loretta and Rena, realized the need for a service that would create unique receptionist services for small to medium-sized businesses. The business culture of Front Office Staff-Reno is to develop and ensure their clients have the best professional image, while still remaining cost-effective.

You may ask yourself: what makes Front Office Staff different than an answering service? The answer is simple- making a first impression is critical for every company. Businesses are often judged by that first phone call. How that first point of contact is handled for a company’s office is paramount to their image and bottom line. Without a proper phone training program in place chances are your customer’s telephone experience will fall short. This is why Loretta and Rena have contracted with a professional trainer to coach, train and develop their receptionists skills.

Front Office Staff-Reno’s receptionists are committed to providing your company with a polished, professional image, and a great first impression. Loretta and Rena have a hands-on approach in assuring their receptionists have a tranquil work environment, updated training sessions, and the most current technology available. Most importantly, they listen to their receptionist’s ideas which will ultimately lead to improved customer service. Loretta and Rena are big believers in empowering their team with the tools that will make a successful business experience for their clients. You will often hear them say their product is their team of receptionists. At the end of the day, receptionists are the key to the success of Front Office Staff-Reno.

If you’re interested in saving up to $3,500.00 per month, while maintaining a professional image, we encourage you to contact Loretta or Rena at: 775-353-6600.