The Phones at a Not For Profit need trained professionals, too.

Hello everyone. We all know that a business is started so the owners can benefit, financially. So when they require personalized phone receptionist services, no one is surprised. They create jobs, provide goods & services and seek to become an economic gain for their community. A Profit Motive is understood. So, businesses pay taxes on their profits, which go towards the infrastructure of the communities which support them.

Non Profit organizations make profits as well, but those are to be used solely for the operation of the organization. Foundations, of course, must give their profits to other non profit and not for profit organizations.

A Non Profit still needs to generate income.

Non Profit organizations exist solely to benefit their communities and/or, the world. So, while we don’t tax them for their efforts, they still need to raise funds. That means establishing good working relationships with individual and corporate donors, and conducting business in as professional a manner as possible. I understand it’s a lot like sales.

How those donors are handled when they call into a Non Profit is almost more important than an inbound call to a regular business. Not for Profit organizations don’t “sell” anything except the warm feeling we get from knowing we’ve done the good and right thing. Which means they have to be that much more pleasant to speak with than everyone else out there, who is competing for the same dollars.

When phone calls are that important, we are the best solution.

Front Office Staff Reno has been the right answer for companies all over Northern Nevada. We free up your staff to deal with what’s important, so they don’t need to field calls from telemarketers or take messages, when they should be performing the tasks for which they were hired. We also cost your organization a good deal less than hiring a full-time receptionist. Our highly trained phone professionals won’t be on a break or taking lunch when your important phone calls come in, and we are always available for extended hours, without complaint.
If your non profit needs to ramp-up the professionalism with which your phones get answered, or improve your image among the larger donors you’re courting, please contact us today. I would love to discuss the benefits and advantages our services can bring to the good works you do.

Have a great day,

Rena Zatica