If you work from home, your small business might not need an office.

Then again, it just might. Hello again everyone, as you may have heard, we’ve moved our office to the Bosma Business Center, to better serve your needs. Even though it’s only been a short while, the benefits we can now offer your small business keep me excited all week long. So today, I wanted to talk with you about whether you might occasionally need someplace more impressive to meet your clients, than a local coffee shop or your living room, a collaborative office space.

Collaborative office space for your Small Business can make sense.

If your custom made widgets are selling so well over the internet that you need to expand production, congratulations. And yes, you probably need to rent some space. The Reno/Sparks area offers almost limitless opportunities for an expanding small business to hang a shingle, and you can probably find some great deals. If you’re in a sales environment where you need to display your wares, of course you need an office. Having an office shows your customers and clients that you have roots in the community, and will be around for the foreseeable future.

But, if you find yourself only occasionally needing to meet your clients or vendors, the cost/benefit numbers involved in staffing and maintaining a brick-and-mortar office, even if it’s just a two-room, 150 square-ft walk up, can seem exorbitant. Many individuals still choose to carry the expense, either because they desire the panache and perceived value it lends them as successful small business people, or because they are unaware there is a far less costly alternative. Collaborative office space can be a viable alternative.

Collaborative office space can offer your small business a beautiful environment for less

A professional receptionist in a comfortable lobby, a respectable address, meeting rooms and the distinct impression that you’re not someone to be taken lightly come with thecollaborative office space offered by the Bosma Business Center. And only on those days when you actually need it.

If you would like me to explain everything else you get included with your professionally trained, 24/7 Fortune 500 caliber phone answering service offered by Front Office Staff Reno, contact me at (775) 353-6600 right now. Your call will be answered around the clock by a polite, articulate professional, eager to get me your message if I’m not actually available.

Have a nice day,

Rena Zatica