Small Business Advisors now an Added Benefit for Front Office Staff Customers.

Hello everyone! This may be some of the best Business news any local Reno small businesscould hope to learn. After careful consideration, Front Office Staff Reno and the excellent people at the Bosma Business Center have teamed up. We moved our offices into the Bosma Center, located at 401 Ryland St. here in Reno, so we can include a broader range of services and advantages to our clientele.

Not just Excellent Professional Business Phone Services, anymore.

We have always offered you the very best way to handle your calls, using cutting-edge technology and superbly trained associates to handle your phone traffic and transfer calls to you and your staff, no matter where you are. We remain the unseen face of your business, ensuring professional & personal satisfaction, for you and your clients.

And now, three separate Conference/Meetings rooms, plus a large Video Education room, can be made available to our clients by appointment, at no additional charge. Seasoned, experienced “Top” advisors from a number of critical business arenas are also now part of your Front Office Staff package. All of them local to the Reno area. All of them among the best in their industries. All of them understand the issues and obstacles you’re facing, and genuinely want to help you overcome them. Because they’ve been there, too.

Your Small Business just became a Lot Bigger, in the eyes of Your Customers.

The Bosma Business Center can serve as your business’ mail drop, instead of the old P.O. Box. You can arrange to meet your clients for business, in an environment which doesn’t include a waitress. You can make group presentations, have sales meetings or gather your subcontractors all together in one spot, without having to ever rent a space or staff an office.

If you’re an out-of-state organization seeking to take advantage of Nevada’s excellent Corporate Laws, you can use Front Office Staff as your local Nevada phone number, and the Bosma Business Center as your physical Nevada address so you remain in compliance. We’ll still make sure your mail and phone calls find you, wherever you happen to be.


I hope you’re as excited about this as I am. I’d love to talk with you, and explain more of the benefits and advantages Front Office Staff Reno now brings to the table. Contact me as soon as you can.

In fact, why not right now, while the idea is fresh in your mind? I’ll explain how you can spend less money and get more done. Really.

Have a nice day,

Rena Zatica