Stress Relief and Relaxation: FUN reasons

  • Celebrate: Taking relaxation time out of your hectic schedule to celebrate when you reach a goal, can be excellent motivation to achieve even more. If you can’t do this daily, shoot for at least once a week. And if you can’t find something big to celebrate, then celebrate the little things.
  • Rejuvenate: A short ‘vacation’ for stress relief from your typical work-week can help reignite your passion and excitement. Do you remember what fired you up in the early days, when running a business wasn’t so much a stressful chore as it was an exiting adventure? Recapture that spirit in a small way, and rejuvenate your passion, by taking relaxing breaks from the routine.
  • Reconnect: You have family and loved ones who support you and care about your well being. Sometimes, building and maintaining your business can take hours away from the people who really count in your life. Taking time off to reconnect with them, shows much you appreciate their sacrifice. Reconnecting and group relaxation can really help keep your life in balance.

Relaxation While Running a Business?

You’re convinced that you need to relax, but you’re (very reasonably) concerned about how to go about it. I mean, someone’s got to mind the office, right? Well, yes. But the nice part about living in 2012 is that there are excellent organizations out here, who can help cover things while you’re gone.

No two businesses are exactly alike, and you may have unique needs which don’t fit a mold. But if you look hard at your current processes and systems, you’ll find that there are some which are repetitive enough to automate, and still others which are well-documented and streamlined enough to automate or hand over to your subordinates.

Take inbound email, for instance. You can set up rules in your email client which handle specific messages with standard sequences. A query from a customer can be routed to be automatically dealt with by a software script that replies to the email with a set of frequently asked questions, and a link to use in case the answers aren’t in it.

Inbound phone calls can be routed through our professional phone answering service, where we will respond to your clients and associates using templates which you and I have already established and refined. So, even without you in the office to deal with the daily grind, your business can run smoothly until you return.

So what’s stopping you? Get out there, and Relax.


Have a Great Day (or even a whole week)!

Rena Zatica