Call Centers Add the Live Personal Touch

Hi there!  We often talk about the ‘personal touch’ or the ‘human factor’ in business. It means that most people would prefer to discuss their business and have their questions answered by an actual person, rather than a recording.

A Recording Never Makes My Day

Have you ever called a customer service line and had an incredible experience?  Probably not.  A pre-recorded message with prompts and button pushing may make some tasks simpler, but they never make you smile.  Having a virtual receptionist answer your phones for even the most menial of tasks can make a HUGE impact on your clients or customers and even vendors who call in to discuss something with you.

Automated Systems do not equal Live Support

Live support does not mean that you can call an automated line and go through a maze of button pushing until you finally get a human voice.  It means that when your customers call you, a live virtual receptionist answers your phone politely and courteously with an answer phrase that you have specified, and takes the information from the caller to perform the tasks that you have asked of our service.

Virtual Receptionists Answer with a Smile

It is so important to have the right attitude when answering important phone calls from your clients or vendors. We at FOS – Reno understand that attitude can be heard immediately.  Wear a smile and that shines through in your voice when you answer the phone. Our virtual receptionists are highly trained, well qualified individuals who go above and beyond for your clients on a daily basis. If you’d like to hear more about how we handle business, and how we can help you to cut the cord for yourself and let us answer your calls for you, please see our testimonials

We look forward to working with you to make your customers’ experience one that brightens their day!

Have a Great Day!

Rena Zatica