Virtual Office: Numerous Advantages

Hello again everyone. Today we’re going to discuss advantages of the Virtual Office. A low cost, low maintenance, high value option being used by many of the world’s top companies. For large corporate entities, the Virtual Office saves money and resources which might otherwise be spent on opening fully staffed-out satellite offices. For the Small Business Entrepreneur, a virtual Office offers you the look and feel of an established player, at a minor fracture of the expense necessary rent and staff your own offices.

More Services for Less

Your Virtual Office can offer a large variety of services, all built around improving your professional presence: Business meeting space, Phone answering services, Voicemail, a professional business address for mail and package delivery and even remote offices with local addresses and phone numbers for doing business in other cities across the country, or the world. Virtual Offices make great sense.

Green Benefits

Virtual offices not only cost far less than traditional brick-and-mortar, they’re also an excellent Green alternative with far less commuting and a host of other zero-environmental-impact benefits. In today’s  ever expanding I.T. business world, the idea of paying full time rent on office space makes less and less sense. By taking advantage of virtual office receptionists, you also eliminate the traditional burden of employee health care, records, payroll, insurance & taxes. Plus, traditional time-off (sick days, vacations, personal leaves, etc.) does not apply to a virtual staff.

Where did the Virtual Office start?

The concept of the Virtual Office started in a 1983 airline in-flight magazine article about portable computing and was seen an evolution of the Executive Suites industry. The lease on an executive suite doesn’t work for many business models however, so the Virtual Office is an intelligent solution. The first commercial application of a virtual office occurred in 1994, when Ralph Gregory founded “The Virtual Office, Inc”, in Boulder, Colorado. A company still in business and growing.

Some things to look out for in your Virtual Office provider

Occasionally, Virtual Office users will site problems of security, impersonal staff with high turnover, language barriers, translation errors and a less-than-professional image. So it is crucial that you spend a little time in Due Diligence when choosing the “who & where” you’re going to pay to represent you.

Front Office Staff Reno’s Virtual Office services

Front Office Staff Reno has been serving the local and surrounding communities for years now, and our reputation is our greatest asset. Business owners from all over Northern Nevada and California know they can rely on our courteous, professional staff to make them look good, even when they are too busy to even think about answering the phone. And we offer far more than just phone answering services. We also offer Conference Calling, Virtual Personal Assistants, Scheduling & Appointment Setting, Phone-Based Order Processing, Event Registration and a host of other related activities.

Just sayin’.

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Rena Zatica