Got 5 Minutes?

Hello everybody. Today I’d like to talk to you about your time and interruption management. If you’re a local small business owner, like me, you never really seem to have enough of time, but you will always have an interruption. You have orders to fill, customers to please, employees to hire and train, meetings, presentations, business lunches and a thousand other crucial details to attend to, and that’s just during the 9 to 5. Most of us take our work home, too: Paperwork (and more paperwork), reading the latest trade journals, blogging and catching up on whatever may have slipped through the cracks at the office.

Interruption Management

Wouldn’t it be nice if you had someone to filter out the time consuming interruptions which can rob you of whole chunks of your precious productive hours? Someone who could handle the verbal spam of dedicated B2B salespeople, earnest fundraisers and well meaning telemarketers, all of which seem only to need to speak with “The Person Who Can Make Decisions?” Yes, Front Office Staff gets those same pesky calls, as well, so why not let us run interference and be your interruption management service?

I’m not at all against working people trying to earn a living in this tough economy. When you’re actually in the market for a better Credit Card Acceptance process, a new Building Security System or haven’t yet chosen a political campaign to donate money to, those calls can really save you time. During the other 362 days of the year however, they might not be as welcome an interruption as those nice people calling you want to believe.

Call volume keeping you from actually working?

And that doesn’t even take into account the dozens of other phone calls, of genuine, if varying importance. If three calls come in at exactly the same instant, one from a customer needing to place an order, one from a supplier who needs delivery instructions right now and one from your child’s school nurse, who prioritizes and fields those competing issues for you? THAT is where my staff and I come in – ready and willing to take on your interruption management.

Our Local Reno Call Center can help!

Front Office Staff Reno is here to give you more time in your day to accomplish the things you need to get done, to keep your business growing and profitable, and to avoid those pesky interruptions that rob your productivity. I know how important using time effectively is for small business people, because I live it every day myself. Having a local, well trained, professional Business Answering Service filtering out some of the background noise can REALLY put more hours into your week.

Have a Great Day!

Rena Zatica