First Impressions Matter

“You never get a second chance to make a good First Impression.” It’s an old, hackneyed expression, and it got that way because it’s stood the test of time. That has been advice handed down from father to son since just about the time they discovered women. Perhaps even earlier. And what has always been true for basic human interactions, is also true today for your modern business.  Who you choose to be your Small Business Answering Service can make all the difference in the world.

Getting it right the first time

An Impression is about far more than just looks. Impressions are about the feelings of trust and warmth people communicate to one another below the surface. Impressions win bids, close deals and establish lasting professional & personal relationships. The impression you make on your client, the very first time they make contact with your business, can either set the stage for years of mutually beneficial business transactions, or send them directly into the arms of your competitors.

Today, particularly here in Reno, your website and advertising campaigns are geared towards making your phone ring. Certainly, many products like books and toys can by purchased with a simple click, but services and intellectual offerings like legal representation, small business consulting and anything with a price tag greater than the amount of cash you have in your wallet, require personal contact between you and your client.

Your Clients & Customers want reliability & professional service

Discerning buyers want to FEEL comfortable with the people they’re doing business with, and that brings us back to First Impressions. All of our receptionists at Front Office Staff Reno are highly trained professionals. Whether you are a Realtor, Attorney, or service professional on the road all day, you can count on us to put your clients first, every time they call. We are never too busy to give your clients our personal attention.

The Professionals at Front Office Staff make the all the difference

We haven’t just had a stressful time dealing with late shippers, cut-rate suppliers or inept contractors. We have not just lost a sale, nor are we halfway through a cheeseburger when we pick up your phone. We are ready to make YOU look like the Professional Organization you truly are, whenever we take your next incoming call.

Have a Great Day!

Rena Zatica