Do you, or Don’t you, need an Answering Service?

For me, that answer is always “Of Course you do!” Then again, I own and operate what I like to think is the best answering service in Northern Nevada, so I might be considered biased. Still, friends, acquaintances, and Chamber Members seem to feel I am an Unbiased Expert, which I guess I can be, so let me take a few minutes to go over a few of the situations where Front Office Staff Reno can make an entrepreneur’s life a lot better, and their business more productive.

Solopreneurs and Micro-businesses

If you’re the One Man (or Woman) in the One Man Band, you’re used to wearing all the hats. And that’s great experience for when your business becomes the next Microsoft; No One can tell you that you don’t know your business from the ground up. Sometimes though, you’re just too busy working to answer the phone, and that can cost you work. You need an affordable answering service to make sure not one precious opportunity slips through the cracks.

The Classic Small Business, Under 10 Employees

The Back-bone of American Enterprise, and the #1 employer in the country with 78.8% of our nation’s workforce. The first and most essential step towards the Fortune 500. If you have less than 10 employees, every one of them should be actively perusing the goals you’ve set for them, every minute of their work-day. NOT interrupting their own tasks to answer the phone. If you feel a full-time Receptionist might be the answer, please know that for less than her salary, we will never miss a call, call in sick or spend personal time talking on YOUR phone. And, we take up none of your space, which can be a  precious comodity.

Experiencing Rapid Growth

No matter HOW big your current business is, 5 employees or 500, if you’re in the zone and things are really starting to take off for you, that means your phones are ringing off the hook. This is when an answering service can REALLY make your life better: Sales calls, Service calls, Suppliers, Vendors, Investors, Partners… All of those inbound calls need to be handled as if each one is the single most important caller of the day, for two very important reasons. A: They very well might be, and B: They very well might be.

Front Office Staff Reno is designed around that concept. We’re here to make your life easier and your business better. And that’s about as unbiased as I can be.

Have a Great Day!

Rena Zatica

Front Office Staff of Reno