Empowered Teams

An empowered employee has the authority and responsibility to make decisions across a broad range of situations. They don’t need to seek approval or instructions from a manager. With empowered teams, each teammate has a voice in group decisions and the team is organized around a leader, instead of reporting to a manager. Changes to their project or product can be made at will.

What makes them successful?

Because everyone can make decisions in empowered teams, they can be susceptible to conflict and disorganization without a clear line of authority. If there is no tie-breaker in a disagreement, there may not be anyone to challenge a poor idea. An untested or unskilled team has the power to damage your company through poor decisions. This can start a blame cycle as each team member attempts to save their reputation and job. An organization structured around empowered teams should have a relatively flat hierarchy and MUST include a high proportion of well-educated, highly trusted employees.

How can Empowered Teams be used?

They are usually project-based and cross-discipline; they may work developing a new product, establishing a company policy, conducting an audit or conducting Customer Service. Rules are not generally imposed upon them from above, because they have a demonstrated ability to make good decisions. These kinds of teams are far more effective when they establish strict rules within the team regarding how decisions are made and communicated, and who is responsible for implementing them.

What are the benefits?

Empowered teams often have higher morale, and may cost the company less because they don’t require a dedicated manager. Highly qualified knowledge-workers can produce more effective and efficient results. Since each individual can contribute their expertise without funneling information through a manager, processes are faster as well. For projects that directly affect your company’s customer, this kind of team can be an excellent resource for customer service, because they will take responsibility for informing and pleasing your client.

Front Office Staff Reno is an Empowered Team

All of our receptionists at Front Office Staff Reno are highly trained professionals, who work cohesively as an empowered team. We have contracted with a professional trainer  and coach to develop our receptionists into the valuable resource they are today.

Have a Great Day!

Rena Zatica