Maybe you’ve noticed the occasional Groupon or Social Living coupon that pops up in your email. Front Office Staff-Reno’s answering service has many companies that use this type of social media advertising. When a client launches a coupon campaign we notice an increase in their call volume. This prompted me to call my clients to see just how profitable the social media coupons are. To my surprise, all of them said it was very beneficial, and they planned on running another campaign. Although the actual coupons were an expense, they found the coupons created reoccurring customers. Many of our clients were glad they had Front Office Staff-Reno’s answering service to handle all the extra incoming calls. Aren’t we all looking for these types of marketing ideas that bring in the customers?
Remember, whenever you start an advertising campaign the first question you should ask yourself is, “Do I have someone to answer the phone calls that will be generated by my advertising?” If your answer is no, then do what other business owners are doing; call Front Office Staff-Reno to help support your business during your marketing campaigns. After all, you don’t want your calls going to voicemail or worse, unanswered!
Call us today and ask about having your phones answered by our professional receptionists!
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Rena Zatica