Turn phone calls into messages and messages into money, by using a live receptionist to answer your calls. Front Office Staff-Reno’s answering service benefits both small and large businesses alike. If you are looking to help maintain customer retention and strengthen your customer service, do as Terry Laymance does…

Front Office Staff has been an absolute blessing to me, my office, and part-time staff.  As a self-employed Real Estate Broker – I have been able to reduce my salary staff while still providing first class service to my clients and new customers calling into my office. The calls are answered professionally, without delay, and are forwarded properly when requested.  Front Office Staff-Reno allows me to leave the office unattended when I am showing property for sale or rent knowing that no call will go unanswered and that I will receive a message on my cell phone as well as a follow up message on my email.  This service has proven to be a complete and real asset to my business and frees me up to handle my clients with care and professionalism rarely seen in today’s businesses.  I highly recommend this company and suggest that you incorporate into your business today.

Loving Life in Tahoe

Terry Laymance, All About Tahoe Realty

1-775-588-8090 office

1-530-318-1041 cell

1-866-480-8246 toll free

1-775-588-8058 fax


Do as Terry does, use Front Office Staff-Reno’s call center to save your company up to $3000.00 per month!

Make it a great business day!

Rena Zatica