For many businesses, the telephone is the primary point of contact with customers, so phone answering skills are critical. The way your company’s phones are answered will form a customer’s first impression of your company. Does your phone ring to a message machine? Front Office Staff-Reno’s Call Center can be your solution. Here are some of the many ways Front Office Staff-Reno’s receptionists perform their professional duties.

  • All incoming phone calls are answered by the third ring.
  • Every call is answered warmly and with enthusiasm.
  • Calls are answered with your company’s name and the caller is asked, “How may I direct your call?”
  • Our receptionists enunciate and speak clearly.
  • Our receptionists don’t use slang or jargon. Instead of saying “OK,” “Yeah,” or “No problem,” for instance, they say “Certainly,” “Very well,” or All right.”
  • Our receptionists are disciplined to keep their voice and vocabulary positive.

These techniques are implemented when we train our receptionists, insuring a professional receptionist will answer all our clients’ phone calls, providing that best first impression. Call Front Office Staff-Reno’s Answering Service Today!

Remember we save our clients up to $3000.00 per month!

Thank you

Rena Zatica