Loretta and I are happy to welcome all readers of our new blog. If you are unaware of it Loretta Bonilla and I (Rena Zatica) are the co-owners of Front Office Staff-Reno. Together we have worked aggressively to build our business in the four years since we opened our doors. Along the way we have experienced triumphs as well as some set backs. Our staff as grown from Loretta, myself and one receptionist to three full-time receptionists, an office assistant, an outsourced Financial Adviser/Bookkeeper, CPA Trainer/ Coach and Human Resource department. I’m sharing this with you because it’s important that our clients and potential clients know we understand the struggles that go into running a successful business.

Our goal is to share information pertaining to businesses and business owners such as networking events, classes, marketing services, social events, and an understanding of how Front Office Staff-Reno can improve a business’s bottom line. I’ll be blogging on behalf of Front Office Staff-Reno’s Live Answering Service and will write about clients and business partnerships we have established over the years to grow our business. Hopefully you will find our blog informational, yet inspiring. We welcome your feed back and are interested in current issues that may directly affect you and your business. Our blog will be designed for accessing information from local businesses and agencies which can assist our readers. So once again, we welcome you to Front Office Staff-Reno’ s Live Answering Service blog, and look forward to hearing from you. You can contact me at rzatica@frontofficestaff.com or 775-353-6600.

Remember: A Ringing Phone Answered Means Ringing At The Cash Register!

Have a great Day!
Rena Zatica