Growing your Small Business takes hard work. These tips will help.

Hello everyone. Today’s topic might seem a little worn out; everybody out there seems to have their own list of and tricks on how to grow your small business. My first tip then, I guess, would be to only listen to people who already have successful small business experience. Writing books and holding seminars might not actually qualify.

Not that you shouldn’t read the books or attend the seminars, I just like to get MY advise from people who I know are in the trenches next to me, and winning demonstrably. These tips are what I myself have learned, so far.

Know what your Small Business is about.

Your mission is to understand, clearly, what it is your customers need, want and desire. Then you have to know how your small business can deliver it to them. Better, faster or cheaper than anyone else.

Put the right team together, who can grow along with your business.

This can be difficult to get right, when you’re first starting out. If you can’t identify people who will keep up with the pace you set, your small businesses might fail just as it’s gaining traction.

Make sure you’ve placed your people well.

Knowing what you’re going to be doing yourself, will allow you to chose people who can provide other key needs: Back office savvy, HR skills or other technical know-how. Building strong relationships with business partners can free you up to properly scale your operations, without heavy cash outlays.

Pay attention to the details!

It is perfectly acceptable to obsess about what your customers are going to experience.Call in anonymously, as a customer. Read everything on your website, out loud; does it sound good to you? Look at everything about your business as if it belongs to your competition, and figure out what YOU would do better.

Truth and Ethics and Doing What’s Right will ALWAYS pay off.

I shouldn’t have to list this tip, because I know that the people I do business with are the first one’s to read my blogs. I know that every one of them are solid, honest, hard working business people, whom I can trust at every step. So, for that reason, stressing how important your reputation as a person bares pointing out in a list of tips on growing a small business.

Any short-term gains you feel cheating could gain you, will always ~inevitably~ be found out and taken away. Treat your reputation like it’s the most fragile thing you own, because everyone around you will be influenced by it, at some point. Say what you mean, and mean what you say.

Listen to your customers.

Another no-brainer, but a popular mistake amongst the Too Brainy crowd. Many people get into business because they know something marketable, better than anyone else they know. Excellent. But does it necessarily follow that the customer will magically understand all that braininess, and change their buying habits accordingly?

Seek input from your target market, as often as you can. The people who are going to spend their money at your small business, will always tell you what works for them. Reach out to them and ask them directly, how you can better serve their needs.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help and advice.

This last tip is a personal favorite. I’ve been running a successful small business here in the Reno area, for years. And there are untold things about “business” I’m still learning. No single person can know, or even be aware of, all the old tricks or newly emerging techniques which are available to help the modern small business grow.

Front Office Staff Reno can show you how to save money on receptionist costs, while helping you serve your customers more efficiently. That’s where we’re very smart. If you want to talk with me about how that works, contact me right now. I look forward to helping you grow your small business into a thriving Big Business.

Have a great day,

Rena Zatica