There are a number of benefits for attorneys who use a legal answering service such as Front Office Staff-Reno. After all, attorneys receive calls at all times of the day and night, usually from clients with immediate needs. It is unrealistic to think that one person can answer every call, and the last thing you want is a missed phone call from a potential or existing client with a pressing legal situation. This is where Front Office Staff-Reno’s answering service can benefit your firm.

Front Office Staff-Reno’s legal answering service is the best way to manage the call volume coming into your firm on a regular basis. If you’re in court, conference, or your office is closed, you will find Front Office Staff-Reno ready with trained professional receptionists. We will answer your calls just as if we were sitting in your office. Just think, one hour of your billed time pays for our trained professional receptionist service—for an entire month. Don’t wait! Call today and ask to speak with Rena, and I’ll give you half-off your first month of service!

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