A different kind of law practice focusing on helping those who help others. Doctors, nurses, social workers, psychologists; these are just a few examples of the individuals I assist at the Law Offices of Lyn E. Beggs, PLLC, every day with issues related to their professional licenses. There is a significant number of professions that require State issued licenses or certifications before an individual can legally work in certain fields. These certificates and licenses are issued by state administrative licensing boards, each governed by different statutes and regulations. I assist individuals in defending professional licenses against potential administrative disciplinary actions that may place a career in jeopardy as well as ancillary issues that may arise from such actions. Additionally, I help individuals obtain professional licenses when there are factors in an individual’s background that may make that process more challenging.  

After many years practicing in the public sector, including seven years as counsel for the Nevada State Board of Medical Examiners, I transitioned into private practice. I now assist clients through the often-complex world of administrative law knowing that professional licensing issues are challenging both professionally and personally. I strive to understand the unique needs of each client to best guide them through the administrative board processes.  

While focusing on administrative law, I do assist clients with a variety of other legal matters when possible. While located in Northern Nevada, I represent clients throughout the state of Nevada, meeting with them remotely by phone and video as well as in person. I look forward to the opportunity to assist you with your legal needs should the need arise.

Law Offices of Lyn E. Beggs, PLLC