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Patricia Halstead of Halstead Law Offices has proudly been serving clients and the State of Nevada since 1998. Having practiced in both a large state-wide law firm and for Washoe County as a Deputy District Attorney, Ms. Halstead has handled a variety of matters from contract disputes to murder prosecutions. No matter is too big or too small.

Ms. Halstead opened her own practice in 2013 for the sole purpose of being able to focus on YOU the client. Ms. Halstead understands the worry of legal matters and the mental and emotional drain that often accompanies them. If you find yourself needing legal counsel, Ms. Halstead can soundly advise you from start to finish about the legal process and your rights. Moreover, Ms. Halstead will work with you to navigate through the system and reach a sound and positive outcome.

Ms. Halstead’s Legal Philosophy in Her Own Words

I am a trial lawyer. I have either worked or appeared in every level of court in Nevada and was in court almost daily for a period of six years. There is little I have not seen or dealt with, and I have the experience and the resources to see your case through and will do so with a grounded approach with your goals in mind as well as with concern for the time and money you are spending. My trial background does not mean that I believe all cases should go to trial. As an attorney, my purpose is to address legal matters by first and foremost formulating avenues to reach a successful resolution without conflict or with as little conflict as possible and to do so in an economically feasible manner keeping in mind any and all collateral consequences that may arise from any given decision. Success in this regard requires not only a strong ability to reason through a situation, which my trial experience has solidified but also the dedication to research an issue and grasp its legal and social undertones. This is done by understanding the dynamics of an issue, the applicable law, legal subsets of an issue, and the motivations and likely goals of all parties involved. This is how I approach all cases and how I will work to aid in resolving yours.

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