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If a tree falls on your house and no one is there to see it, does your homeowner’s insurance do this?
When a customer calls our office to report a claim, the first question we get is “am I covered?” The second question is “what is this claim going to do to my rates?”
At the end of February 2019, our area experienced a big wind event. Trees were falling on houses and cars. Windows in homes were being broken. Shingles were blown off creating holes in roofs, just in time for the rain to start pouring inside of the homes we insure.
Our customers were relieved when they called. Why? Because their homeowner’s policies included the Allstate Claims RateGuard feature. Claims RateGuard allows our policy holders to file a claim and will not see their rates increase because they filed a claim.
Another feature of the Allstate homeowner’s policy is ClaimsRewards. It’s not very often a homeowner will need to file a claim. Allstate will reward our homeowner’s policy holders with up to 5% credit towards their renewal premium.
The last feature is called Deductible Rewards-for every year a homeowner goes without filing a claim, they will receive a $100 credit towards their deductible. On Day 1 of the policy they receive $100 off. This reduces our policy holders’ out of pocket expense after filing a claim.
With an Allstate House and Home policy, customers won’t be penalized for filing a claim, will be rewarded for not using it, and then are able to reduce their out-of-pocket expense if a claim is filed. Talk about a huge value!

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