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Save Money
Front Office Staff – Reno can be your outsourced provider, and phone service for small business providing help in these areas:

  • Cut overhead—no dedicated employee, benefits package, taxes to pay or special equipment.
  • No more scrambling to answer the phone or waiting for someone else to pick up—we will send the right call to the right person.
  • No more telemarketers!
  • Satisfied clients, although at some point you may have to explain why their favorite receptionist isn’t sitting in your office.
  • Top-quality first impression—we utilized an answering script customized to your needs.
  • Friendly and professional customer service—Front Office Staff-Reno receptionists are versed in your company’s profile and able to provide a wide variety of services.
  • Peace of mind. No more wondering about the call that got away.
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Law Firm and Attorneys

Is your paralegal answering your phones?

Are important calls going to voice mail when you are in court, at a conference, with a client, or out of the office?

Has your call traffic increased?

Is your staff’s work interrupted by incoming calls?

receptionist for realtors

Real Estate Agents

Are you having to book previews and walk-throughs?

With more than one agent in an office, how do you know who is where?

Does your company work with loan officers, commercial brokers, bookkeepers and booking agents?

Who confirms appointments?

receptionist for it

IT Company

Are all of your clients calls being answered timely and tracked?

There are a lot of emergencies when a company’s IT is down. How do you ensure not one call is missed?

Are you following up after service is performed to ensure satisfaction?

Who is handling scheduling service?

receptionist for marketing

Web Design or Marketing Agency

Who ensures that all the sales calls are being tracked and followed up on?

Have you lost an opportunity because you were unavailable and missed a call?

In case of a client emergency how do you ensure that the client can reach you?

How quick are you scheduling consultations. Could scheduling assistance get them in quicker and close more deals?

Our other clients include:

• Attorneys • CPAs • Independent Insurance Brokers • Chiropractors • Realtors • IT Businesses • Web Designers • Title Companies • Architects • Business Coaches • Small Insurance Firms • Mortgage Companies • Plumbers • Sign Companies • Graphic Designers • Landscapers • Electricians • Carpet Installation and Care Companies • Medical Equipment Suppliers • Wholesalers • Doctor’s Offices • Contractors • Handyman Services • House Keepers • Janitorial Services • and More! •

We would love to add your company to our list of satisfied customers.