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If you’re looking for an exciting way to get your team more involved and interested in team-building activities or are looking for a fun group event for family and friends, The House Escape is perfect for you! A mobile escape room is a fun way to get a group of people together and have them work as a team to achieve a common goal – escaping! Our mobile services allow us to bring the escape room directly to your office or home.

What’s the difference between mobile escape rooms and traditional ones?

Escape rooms have become an increasingly popular activity among friends and family to enjoy. And with mobile escape rooms now available, it’s easier than ever to get everyone together! A traditional escape room is typically staged to match the storyline of the game to help it feel more authentic and real. To find clues, you’ll have to physically touch and move items in the room, unlock cabinets, look under objects, and more. What makes an escape room experience unique is that you’re fully immersed in the storyline and get to play a physical role in solving the mystery.

Mobile escape rooms provide the same experience as a traditional escape room but they provide a few extra advantages. For instance, the room is delivered right to your door and is set-up prior to arriving at its destination. Mobile escape rooms are perfect for team-building exercises or for parties because they make it easier to include large groups of people. Switching out participants is simple with a mobile escape room and helps save time to do this.

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The House Escape provides the complete escape room experience and delivers it right to your door! Our mobile escape rooms are designed to give you the same fun and excitement as traditional escape rooms but are conveniently brought to you. If you’re interested in trying a mobile escape room for your office or party then connect with The House Escape!

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