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Fifteen years ago I took my first yoga class which was a Bikram Yoga Class. I felt absolutely amazing! I felt calm and centered and had mental clarity. I went back the very next day. I ended up becoming a Bikram Teacher and discovered my true passion was teaching yoga and meditation to kids, adults, and special needs kids. I expanded my teaching practice and became a Registered Yoga Teacher through Mukti School of Yoga earning RYT 500 hours.

I wish I had learned to meditate when I was younger because I had ADHD and I had severe test and performance anxiety. I remember not being able to sleep before tests and always second-guessing my answers on tests…why? I did not have a mediation practice which is such a valuable life skill. I also had a fear of public speaking so much so that I would shake during presentations and come across as a scatterbrain…As far as performance anxiety, I had a really big swim meet and I was so nervous, I threw up when I dove in the water…needless to say, I did not qualify for Junior Olympics.

Once I discovered yoga and mediation, I incorporated them into my everyday life and when I do not meditate I feel like something is missing, and my anxiety escalates and I become like a bull in a china shop in my head and I start doubting myself and not paying attention to my intuition…bottom line I do not show up as a powerful confident authentic leader…who practices gratitude on a daily basis and who is living in the present.

I really enjoy my teaching journey and have helped so many people improve their lives by incorporating daily meditation and positive mindset practice.

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Peace Out!

Amy MacConnell