Catalytic PURE AIR offers air purifiers with the technology and capacity to tackle the toughest indoor air quality problems. Now with hundreds of installations in casinos, hotels and public spaces, Catalytic PURE AIR purifiers are helping improve indoor air quality 24/7 everyday.

The Catalytic PURE AIR purifier addresses all 4 sources of indoor air pollution (particles, gases, aerosols and odors). The key to the system is photo catalytic oxidation (PCO) that doesn’t simply collect pollutants into a filter, but actually destroys viruses, bacteria and other volatile compounds within the air purifier.  Below is a diagram outlining how the photo catalytic converter works.

The “Purification for Central Air System”

V-PAC (PCO) systems install in the air handling unit (10 ton and above) of the HVAC system for your property. A simple to install system essentially consisting of an array of germicidal UV lamps (V-MAX GRID™ system) in close proximity to one or more arrays of PCO panels. An optional carbon filter bank is available downstream of the PCO filter bank as needed. It is available in a variety of configurations depending on concentration levels, percentages of outside air, and desired results. A design team will assist in tailoring your system for the specific end-use application.


Home Catalytic Pure Air Systems

Although Catalytic PURE AIR purifiers are best known for tackling the tough job of improving indoor air quality in casinos, hotels and public spaces, the same Catalytic PURE AIR purifier is used in many residential applications. The exact same commercial grade air purifier is available through our online store. You get commercial quality and performance in your own home to help with residential indoor air quality issues like pets, allergies, respiratory issues and odor control. Don’t hesitate to take advantage of our 100 day money back guarantee and our FREE replacement filter kit available at check out at our online store when you order. Please see some of our satisfied customers below.

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