Have an App Idea?

BDG has developed over 20 apps in the last 10 years and has extensive experience in creating mobile apps for both internal business use and general public use. We can help you take an idea and make it come to fruition!

Our development team can help you navigate the mobile app landscape including design, development, testing, and deployment.

Internal Apps

We have built apps built for internal business use.  These apps help communication and processes within a business to create efficiencies.  If you need to track, communicate, document or notify your employees, chances are we can help you develop a mobile app for your business!

External Apps

External apps are built for the general public as the target users.  These types of apps have to be carefully designed and built with user friendliness in mind.  Intriguing app screenshots and descriptions help drive user downloads while an engaging user interface helps keep users coming back.

Push Notifications

We can help you craft a push notification plan to engage your users.  This includes custom content and driving users directly to a view within the app.  These push notifications can be triggered by an action or broadcast to all users.


We build hybrid apps.  These apps are built on one code base and delivered to both the Apple App Store and Google Play.  This allows for quicker development time, easier maintenance and still allows us to leverage native functionality on the device including calendar access, contacts, push notifications, geolocation and more!

If you have an app idea for your business or for the general public, give us a call today!

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