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Front Office Staff Reno is a family owned company that prides itself on being the best by differentiating its Reno call center service from the rest. With customized and personal detail, you can trust our call answering service to take care of your callers. We provide exceptional care with a drive to deliver comfortable conversations to represent your company in the best light possible. Learn more about Front Office Staff’s call answering service in Reno.

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Macauley Law Group, P.C.

Credibility and stability are the hallmarks of any successful small business.  For Macauley Law Group, as an estate planning and bankruptcy law firm, our clients need to be sure that we can always be reached and that we will assist them in their time of need.

Front Office Staff-Reno’s Virtual Receptionist Service reinforces those qualities of Macauley Law Group each and every time that they answer the phone.  Our clients always talk with a live person when they call during business hours, and every voicemail gets emailed directly to us immediately so that we can follow up with them 24/7.  If there are any questions or problems that are mentioned during a client call, Front Office Staff-Reno’s Virtual Receptionist Service leaves us a message so that we can address it when we return the call.  And, remarkably, during the many years of using Front Office Staff-Reno’s Virtual Receptionist Service, we never had any issue with their service and have only received glowing reports from our clients who have spoken with them.

            Truly, during the COVID-19 crisis, we are very thankful that Front Office Staff-Reno remained the Firm’s answering service.  Our office is part of an executive office suite, and there was a time when we considered having the Firm just use their reception to answer our calls and cut a little expense.  But now we are so glad that we declined to take that course.  During the crisis, our executive suite cut their reception services to three hours a day, allowing the rest of the incoming calls that they answer to just go to voicemail and assuming that most businesses are just closed anyway.  However, as a law firm, our business is still going strong during the pandemic, because courts are still operating and work has to be done.   Consequently, we are extremely grateful that Front Office Staff-Reno has continued to operate and to answer our clients’ calls with the same efficiency as always.  Our clients know that, even during these difficult times, Macauley Law Group is there for them with the continued and reliable assistance of Front Office Staff-Reno’s Virtual Receptionist Service.

Macauley Law Group, P.C.