Increase Productivity with a Virtual Administrative Assistant Reno

Our Reno virtual administrative assistant service is designed to enhance your professional image, lower the operating costs of your office staff, and free you up to grow your business while accommodating your office and client needs with our call answering service. Each virtual administrative assistant at Front Office Staff is trained to deliver highly professional and individualized services for numerous business models. Front Office Staff – Reno can help you with a multitude of answering services your business may need. We offer services at our Reno call center that’ll take care of the details and keep you and your staff on-task.


What is a Virtual Administrative Assistant in Reno?

A virtual administrative assistant is typically a contracted employee that works outside of the client’s office to provide administrative services. Essentially, these roles involve the standard duties performed by in-office receptionists and administrative assistants including answering phone calls, taking messages, scheduling, and much more. The expert staff at Front Office Staff – Reno is trained to answer phone calls with professionalism and care that provides the best customer service to all of your clients and potential clients. Not only do our Reno virtual administrative assistants provide great customer service, but they’re also better qualified to recognize potential leads, are able to improve the way you handle calls, and are trained to accommodate the industry needs of your business.

How a Virtual Administrative Assistant Can Improve Your Business

Virtual administrative services provide many benefits to your business that will help your business function more efficiently and help you and your employees be more productive.

  • Access to different skill sets.
  • Free up time for you and your staff
  • Deliver quality customer service with each call
  • Reduces the number one expense for your business
  • Never miss a call
  • Capture more leads
  • Create the best first impression with your callers
  • Professional phone etiquette
  • Better management of calls and messages

Integrating Our Virtual Administrative Assistant Services with Your Business

We’ve made our virtual administrative assistant Reno services easily available to a wide variety of industries and clients. Our systems are seamlessly integrated into your company so that you can continue to do business as normal. We have the ability to transfer calls to you and your staff no matter where you are. When we need to take a message, we gather the detailed information you need and can relay that info through whatever channel is most convenient for you; email, voice mail, fax, or even a page. If you like, we can also send daily, weekly, or monthly, logs of every call and other support activities we have performed for you.

Virtual Administrative Assistant Reno Services


Your customers deserve top-notch telephone customer service. Anything less and you are missing out on a golden opportunity to develop long-term, loyal relationships with clients and potential customers. Front Office Staff-Reno has prioritized professional training to develop our receptionists’ skills to match the needs of your business.

If you’re a municipality wondering how you can reduce your budget or increase your customer services without adding to your labor cost, then a virtual administrative assistant service in Reno could be the answer you’re looking for. Our services will free up time for you and your staff so you can focus on growing your business. Leave the rest to the expert virtual administrative assistants at Front Office Staff – Reno.

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Event Planning & Execution

Whether you need a client luncheon, holiday party, or staff events planned, the office assistants at our Reno call center service will take care of all the details.

Event Registration

If you are planning an event but do not have the in house resources to track RSVP’s and registration calls, let us handle it.

Phone Order Processing Phone Surveys

We can reach out to any sized sample group to implement a survey on the behalf of your business. Whether it is an old client list, or following-up with current clients at the end of a project, we’ll handle it.

Written Correspondence

We provide hand written correspondence, personalized letters and cards with addressed envelopes to prospects or clients.

Data Collections Procedure Manual

Our team is experienced in developing office policies and procedure recommendations. Having a uniform etiquette procedure for handling client relations allows your business identity to be maintained.

Minor Technology Support

Our team is equipped to resolve minor technological issues utilizing our vast network of service providers.


We provide hand written correspondence, personalized letters and cards with addressed envelopes to prospects or clients.