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Answering Service for Attorneys

You could save $30,000 a year with an answering service for attorneys

A specialized answering service for attorneys becomes relevant when you consider who your paralegals are and how they should be spending their time.

A paralegal is a qualified individual that law firms employ to perform specifically delegated substantive legal duties. Are you using your paralegal to answer phone calls and schedule appointments? Did you know when paralegals are unable to perform their legal duties, a law firm is not effectively maximizing their billable hours?

Hiring a full-time receptionist is an appropriate alternative, but it is not the only effective solution. If you’re contemplating growing your practice without spending a fortune on a receptionist, investing in an answering service for attorneys is a suitable alternative.

Statistics have shown that on a yearly basis, the compensation for a paralegal is between $38,000 and $57,000 and hiring a full-time receptionist can cost between $30,000 and $36,000*. Compare those fees to an answering service for attorney’s which can range between $3,000 – $6,000 per year. Using an answering service appears to be a wise decision as it saves attorney’s a substantial amount of money while maximizing their billable hours.

*Based on the NALA survey for 2012 to 2014 annual compensation

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Benefits of An Answering Service for Attorneys:

1. Customized Greetings

A specialized answering service for attorneys allows you to never miss a call again, even if you’re out of the office or in court. Instead, your current clientele and potential clients will reach a live receptionist to take down their information and pass the message along to you or your firm’s team members.

Sophisticated answering systems ensure that your calls are answered with professionalism in the exact way that you want.Virtual receptionists are trained to track your client’s calls and obtain the pertinent information your firm needs.

Some of this information includes how your callers heard about you, what type of representation they are in need of, which team member the caller was transferred to, what type of messaging was done. They can provide you with a call log list on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

2. Voicemail Integration & Automated Message Delivery

Receiving voicemails and messages from your clients or potential clients is essential to your firm. Missing phone calls or voicemails may result in overlooked client needs. This can lead to a compromised attorney-client relationship. When hiring an answering service for attorneys, you have the freedom to receive your messages the way you prefer. Depending on your work style, it may be easier to receive a written email message, and or an email wayfil voicemail.

Rest assured knowing that trained professionals are answering your phones while you are in court, a deposition, client consultation or meeting. You'll never miss a message again. Specialized answering services for attorneys provide thoroughly trained receptionists.

The receptionists become familiarized with your firm which enables them to answer all the general questions. Some of these questions may include the types of representation you provide, consultation fees, office hours, location, directions, and fax numbers. Knowing this information helps you take care of your clients, while keeping your voicemail free from easily answered questions.

3. Overflow & Busy Service Capabilities

During peak times, firms can receive overwhelming amounts of phone calls. To relieve some stress, firms can choose to have a backup system in place. If your team is experiencing an extra high volume of calls, an answering service can be your backup. Using this service will ensure no clients calls will go unanswered, even during the busiest times.

4. Creating and Managing Calendar Systems

Keeping track of all the dates and times of court hearings and client appointments can be difficult. A specialized answering service for attorneys can create and manage a calendar system customized to your liking. Attorneys find this is the most efficient and effective way to run a small firm all while maximizing their billable hours.

Answering Service for Attorneys Includes:

  • Professional answering services by well-trained receptionists
  • Consultation fees, hourly rates, retainer fees, and the types of law your firm practices
  • Extended hours & nationwide coverage
  • Customized greetings, scheduling, & appointment setting
  • Voicemail integration & automated message delivery
  • Conference call capabilities
  • Overflow & busy service capabilities
  • Disaster recovery & backup
  • Creating and managing calendar systems
  • Tracking court dates and meeting in judge’s chambers, with other attorneys and clients
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Choose Front Office Staff's attorney answering service instead

Front Office Staff-Reno is a family owned company that prides itself on being the best by differentiating its phone answering service from the rest. We do this by developing a customized and personal detailed profile of your firm. For 1-2 billable hours a month, Front Office Staff-Reno will provide your firm with a team of trained, friendly, professional receptionists who are knowledgeable of the representation your firm provides. Our mission is to deliver comfortable conversations to your clients all while representing your firm in the best light possible

Whether you’re a solo attorney or an established law practice, Front Office Staff-Reno’s answering service for lawyers will ease your administrative workload, leaving you to focus more on your own practice.

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